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Box of KN95 Protection Masks (Qty 10)

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Box of 10

-Product name kn95 protection masks
-Product structure: the product is composed of non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric, nose bridge clip and ear strap
-Application scope: It can effectively filter PM2.5, and is suitable for daily protection.
-Product specification: Medium size
-Model: Ear loop
-Disinfecting method: Irradiation disinfection

How to put on the mask: 
1. Please clean the hands before wearing the mask, hold both sides of the mask to extend it. The inflated side is the surface. 
2. Fit the mask to the face, and then hang the ear straps on the ears. 
3. Extend the mask downwards until it completely covers the chin. 


1. Check if the package is under good condition before use. Confirm the date of production and valid period on the package. 
2. The product is disposable. It is prohibited to wash it with water or use it repeatedly.
3. The product doesn't provide oxygen, please do not use it when the oxygen content is <19%.

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